Assessor of the Indonesian National Scientific Journal

Jakarta, 24 to 26 May 2023, one of the administrators of Letiges Assoc. Prof. Dr. Afiful Ikhwan passed the final stage, one of those selected from 62 Arjuna Substance Assessors (National Scientific Journal Accreditation) in 2023, just information from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology committee conveyed at the opening of the event “Equalizing the Perceptions of Indonesian Arjuna Assessors in 2023” the initial total of 1,200 assessors register, passed 800 people were taken at the file selection stage, then at the final stage they were selected as assessor participants to take part in the perception similarity activities total 88 people were divided into 2, namely substance assessors 67 people and management assessors 21 people.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemdikbudristek RI) held the perception similarity activities for Arjuna Assessors based on letter Number: 0428/E5.3/HM.01.00/2023 dated 10 May 2023 Regarding: Equating Perceptions of Prospective Assessors for Scientific Journal Accreditation. The activity was carried out to strengthen competence integrity and equalize the perception of prospective national journal assessors in serving as assessors.

All Letiges Management Board Members wish Assoc. Prof. Dr. Afiful Ikhwan, will carry out his duties as National Scientific Journal Accreditation Assessor with complete trust, congratulations.

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